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As people age, it is natural for their skin to lose its elasticity and for the body’s collagen production to decline. As a result, skin starts to sag, develop wrinkles, and lack its youthful bounce. These imperfections can develop anywhere on the body, but this becomes especially apparent with breasts. Many women start to notice sagging, drooping, and enlarged areolas as they get older, leaving them to search for opportunities for plastic surgery. Dr. Daniel Maman in NYC commonly performs a breast lift to address these complaints.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, medically known as mastopexy, is an operation that raises the breasts by redistributing and trimming excess skin and tissue. A breast lift mainly addresses sagging, as it reshapes, adjusts, and trims the breast skin. This procedure also repositions and resizes the nipple-areola complex. People who also wish to address the overall size and shape of the breast often opt for a breast augmentation in addition to a lift.

Breast sagging is a common complaint amongst women as they age—many older patients request breast lifts to help regain confidence and restore their femininity. Age is not the only culprit, as many women also experience symptoms due to genetics, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Additionally, weight fluctuations can cause breast sagging when the skin stretches.

The primary benefits of a breast lift are cosmetic. Women regain a youthful, uplifted silhouette and newfound confidence. But aside from aesthetics, breast lifts can also help to alleviate back and neck pain. Larger bosoms, and consequently sagging breasts, cause a redistribution in weight resulting in strain on the back and shoulders. The best candidates for a breast lift surgery are healthy, non-smokers who understand the process and have realistic expectations for plastic surgery in NYC.

Tuberous breasts are a congenital abnormality, meaning they are present from birth. In this condition, the glandular tissues in the chest do not develop as they should, resulting in abnormally shaped breasts. For men, a lack of tissue undermines the chest muscles. For women, this can lead to having misshapen or underdeveloped breasts. Tuberous breasts are more complicated than underdeveloped small breasts. This condition presents in many different ways including breast base constriction, decreased breast volume, ptosis, breast skin deficiency, inframammary fold malposition, and areolar herniation. People may experience any range of these characteristics and turn to plastic surgery in New York to correct them.

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The Procedure


Dr. Maman will discuss with you your goals, questions, and procedure in great detail during your consultation and preoperative appointments. He will conduct a physical examination during your initial visit and will address your medical and surgical history to have a comprehensive understanding of your needs. Dr. Maman will discuss with you your treatment plan, thoroughly exploring all your options, and help you identify realistic and reasonable goals.


A breast lift typically takes three hours to perform. You will receive general anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain during the procedure. The drooping, or ptosis, of the breasts varies to different degrees. Incisions will be made depending on the ptosis of the gland and of the nipple-areola complex. Most commonly, Dr. Maman uses the “lollipop” technique which involves an incision around the areola and a vertical incision from the areola to the breast fold. Some surgeries will just require incisions around the areola and others will include an additional horizontal incision across the breast fold. The incisions will allow the skin to be lifted, granting access to the underlying breast tissue. Dr. Maman can then reshape the breasts and reposition the nipple, restoring the patient’s youthful contours and re-establishing firmness. The last step is tightening and trimming the skin while securing the incisions with sutures.

A tuberous breast correction can improve the shape of the chest and help patients to achieve their desired look. Patients often notice the abnormality as puberty hits, so it is essential to wait for any natural development to occur before considering surgery. The procedure is highly individualized and will be specific to the patient’s anatomy and their tuberous breasts’ characteristics. The surgery most often incorporates breast implants or fat transfer. However, a breast augmentation alone does not address the complicated breast reshaping and areolar balancing required in tuberous breast correction.

Recovery & Results

Although swelling can obscure the results at first, most patients notice perkier, youthful breasts almost immediately and results are meant to be permanent. Dr. Maman will help you heal as quickly as possible. Bandages, compression with a surgical bra, and necessary medication will all help for a smooth recovery. You will be provided with all post-operative care instructions and follow-up appointments for continued care. Scarring will naturally occur but will be hidden and likely diminish as time goes on. Any scars will be managed following Dr. Maman’s post-procedure protocol.

Most patients will start to feel better and active within one week, and feel that they can return to work and their daily routine. However, total recovery time takes an average of four to six weeks. Light lower body exercise can resume at two weeks post operatively, and conservative full body exercise at four weeks. Full body exercise without restrictions, cluding weightlifting, can begin at 6 weeks. Dr. Maman will clearly advise you as to the appropriate activity level throughout your recovery. Dr. Maman will help you ensure a successful recovery and an optimal experience with plastic surgery in NYC.

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