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Choosing to have a family and giving birth to children is a beautiful and profound experience. As many women can attest, the joy and fulfillment a child can bring certainly outweighs any negative associations with childbirth. It is also no secret that giving birth can also have adverse effects on your body, changing its shape in a way that is difficult to correct regardless of exercise and diet.

It is entirely reasonable for a woman to want to return to her pre-baby body with plastic surgery in NYC. The act of childbirth can cause permanent changes, such as the separation of the abdominal muscles, stretched skin, excess fat around the abdomen, sagging breasts, and more. Once finished with childbearing, many women seek a mommy makeover to address all these changes in one surgery.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeovers help a woman feel back to “normal” after childbirth and the procedure is specific to each patient’s unique needs. There is no standard procedure as every woman experiences different changes to her body during and after childbirth and breastfeeding. The first step is to discuss your individualized treatment plan with Dr. Maman. Most likely, you will be recommended a combination of various procedures to address both the body and breasts. You may consider liposuction to reduce excess fat and skin or abdominoplasty to reconstruct the abdominal muscles. A breast lift or implants often help address most breast concerns.

The best candidates for surgery are healthy, non-smokers who understand the process and have realistic expectations of plastic surgery in NYC.

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The Procedure

Dr. Maman will discuss your goals, questions, and procedure in great detail during your consultation and preoperative appointments. He will conduct a physical examination during your initial visit and will address your medical and surgical history to have a comprehensive understanding of your case. Dr. Maman will discuss with you your treatment plan, thoroughly exploring all your options, and help you identify realistic and reasonable goals.

Because each case requires a different set of procedures, your surgery will be personalized and specific to your unique situation. The procedures commonly involved with a mommy makeover are liposuction, an abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, and a breast lift. All the procedures involved require anesthesia or sedation, as well as incisions. Dr. Maman will work with you to keep incision visibility to a minimum and place the incisions in areas that can hide any scarring with natural body folds or clothing.

Results and Recovery

Mommy makeovers require a more involved recovery plan due to the combination of surgeries. In most cases, you will receive compression and bandaging to help reduce swelling and fluid retention, as well as any necessary medication to prevent pain and infection.

Dr. Maman will work with you to ensure a successful recovery period with follow-up appointments as needed. You will be provided with all postoperative care instructions to promote healing and an optimal experience with plastic surgery in NYC. You will care for your incision sites and drainage at home, with most patients ready to move about on their own within a matter of days. You will be able to return to your normal daily life within two to three weeks, although full recovery typically takes four to six weeks.

Although the results of surgery are instant and permanent, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid any drastic changes to the body. To maintain the improved shape, patients should adopt healthy lifestyles that include regular exercise, training, and a nutritious diet.

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