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Inverted Nipple Surgery

An inverted nipple is a condition where the nipples turn inwards instead of outwards. This is often a congenital problem resolved by puberty. However, if puberty does not correct inverted nipples, both male and female patients turn to plastic surgery in NYC to help improve their appearance and confidence.

What Is Inverted Nipple Surgery?

Inverted nipple surgery corrects the abnormality by bringing the nipple out of its upended shape so it looks, feels, and performs as it naturally should. This surgery is a long-term solution to ensure that your nipples permanently protrude in a natural way.

There are many different causes of inverted nipples. Sometimes, both men and women are born with the issue, while other cases develop because of breast cysts, injury, infection, the natural aging process, or inflammation. For women, in particular, inverted nipples make breastfeeding a challenge. Regardless of the reason, patients who wish to correct their nipples can rely on inverted nipple surgery to help. The best candidates for surgery are healthy, non-smokers who understand the process and have realistic expectations.

The Procedure

Dr. Maman will discuss your goals, questions, and procedure in great detail during your consultation and preoperative appointments. He will conduct a physical examination during your initial visit and will address your medical and surgical history to have a comprehensive understanding of your case. Dr. Maman will discuss with you your treatment plan and identify realistic and reasonable goals, ensuring an optimal experience with plastic surgery in NYC.

There are two methods surgeons use in this procedure: one protects the milk ducts while the other does not. This will be a major part of the consultation process and consideration of the decision to have surgery. If you plan to be pregnant in the future and prefer to breastfeed, the operation used should protect the milk ducts in your breasts.

This procedure is typically minimally invasive; Dr. Maman will make a small incision under the nipple, keeping it attached to your breast. The areola and nipple are then lifted into the proper place and secured in a way that creates protrusion. The incision will then be closed with sutures.

If you are not concerned about preserving the milk ducts, the surgery is a bit different and more simply performed. After making an incision, Dr. Maman simply detaches the milk ducts, which allows your nipple to protrude naturally.

Results and Recovery

You will enjoy your new nipples immediately after the surgery. The procedure itself takes less than an hour. Patients should expect to experience some swelling and bruising afterward. Dr. Maman will fit you with any bandages or compression garments to help ensure a successful recovery, as well as any necessary medications.

Dr. Maman will work with you to ensure a successful recovery period with follow-up appointments as needed. You will receive all postoperative care instructions to promote healing. You can expect to return to everyday life in about one or two days, although you will not be able to perform any strenuous exercise for a couple of weeks.

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