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Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is incredibly common and can be so subtle that it is unrecognizable through clothing or with supportive undergarments. For many patients, however, there is an uncomfortable, evident difference in size, shape, and positioning of their breasts that is substantial enough to correct with New York plastic surgery.

Many different factors can cause a difference in the breasts. Some patients who have had breast cancer must have some of their tissue removed, which can create an unbalanced look. Others are born with the variation in size/shape and want it corrected. After surgery, many patients comment on new-found confidence in their looks, as well as a more comfortable day-to-day life with shopping and dressing.

What is Breast Asymmetry Correction?

Breast asymmetry correction is highly customized to each patient. The asymmetry can be corrected by reducing the size of one or both breasts and/or increasing the size of one or both breasts.

Anyone who struggles with a lack of confidence due to disproportionate sized or shaped breasts is a potential candidate for breast asymmetry correction surgery, but you must make the decision for yourself. The best candidates are healthy, non-smokers who understand the process and have realistic expectations.

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The Procedure

Dr. Maman will discuss your goals, questions, and procedure in great detail during your consultation and preoperative appointments. He will conduct a physical examination during your initial visit and will address your medical and surgical history in order to have a comprehensive understanding of your case. Dr. Maman will discuss with you your individual treatment plan and identify realistic and reasonable goals of New York plastic surgery.

The procedure involved in correcting breast asymmetry will depend on each case. Dr. Maman will discuss with you the best type of treatment to achieve your desired outcome. The surgery often will either involve a breast reduction or augmentation on one or both of the breasts.

Breast Reduction

If your breasts need a reduction, Dr. Maman will make small incisions in one or two places: around the areola and/or under the breast. Dr. Maman will then reposition the nipple and remove any excess fat, tissue, and skin. Dr. Maman may use liposuction in removing the fat and will ensure that the reshaping and positioning of the altered breast will match the other. Please review the “Breast Reduction” procedure page for more details about this procedure.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Maman may suggest using augmentation to address any asymmetry. There are two standard options with breast augmentation: either implants or fat transfer. You will discuss the choices with Dr. Maman to determine the best method for you. If your procedure involves a fat transfer, Dr. Maman will use the fat from a different area of the body and transfer it to the breast to enhance and reshape it. This results in a more natural look and avoids the use of implants.

If the patient requires the use of implants, they will receive silicone or saline-filled shells placed above or below the pectoralis muscles. The different methods carry different results and risks which will be discussed at the time of your consultation. Please review the “Breast Augmentation” procedure page for more details.

Results and Recovery

Patients will notice results immediately after breast construction surgery. It will take time for swelling to diminish, but Dr. Maman will help you heal as quickly as possible and experience optimal New York plastic surgery. You will be provided with all the necessary information for at-home care and follow up appointments. Bandages, compression garments, and necessary medication will all help for a smooth recovery. You will be sore for the first few days, but most patients can return to work and a regular daily routine within one or two weeks, depending on the type of surgery. Full recovery can typically be expected four to six weeks after surgery.

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