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Mole Removal

Moles come in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures on the face and body. Some people embrace moles as part of their unique look, while others do not care for them. Some moles can even be in areas that are particularly uncomfortable or unsightly. Deciding to undergo mole removal for cosmetic reasons is a personal choice. If it will help you feel more confident or improve your overall quality of life, it is a very safe and straight forward option. Abnormal or unsightly moles can generally be excised in a brief and comfortable office procedure, performed using local anesthesia.

Different Types of Moles

Skin Tags

Small growths that generally have small and narrow stalks. Skin tags are usually skin-colored, but may also be darker in color, and are usually painless.

Flat Moles

Any dark spot or irregularity in the skin, including birthmarks.

Raised Moles

Can be a variety of colors and may run deeper into the dermal layers than flat moles.

Results and Recovery

Mole removal surgery and recovery is generally simple. If the depth of the mole requires an excision, stitches are used for closure and are left in for approximately one week. If the mole is superficial, it may be shaved, and no stitch will be required. In these cases, the mole removal site will form a scab that will fall off within a week. Once the scab comes off, the underling area is usually a pink or reddish color, which may take several weeks to blend in with the surrounding skin. Regardless of the technique used for mole removal, the area should be kept clean and protected from the sun with a high SPF. Dr. Maman will recommend a post-procedure protocol to minimize scarring which may include topical products or medications, as necessary.

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