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Not everyone has time to schedule lengthy, invasive, cosmetic procedures. This makes microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT)) a great option for those seeking New York plastic surgery, and those wanting to see improvements in their facial skin texture without much downtime.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a facial treatment that leaves the skin more toned, smooth, and firm. It is used to treat issues such as persistent acne scarring, dull complexion, or fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment sessions are quick with nearly instant results.

How Does It Work?

Using a small automated oscillating device, this treatment creates controlled microscopic abrasions on the surface of your skin that force your body into a natural restorative phase. The treatment involves very fine needles that only reach controlled depths of your skin. In response to the mechanical damage, new collagen and skin tissue are generated, making your skin plump, bright, and with a more refreshed appearance almost immediately. Overtime, you will see fine lines diminish, scars from acne or chickenpox fade overtime, and a decrease in skin laxity.


Dr. Maman uses the AquaGold microinfusion system for his microneedling treatments. AquaGold is optimal for creating radiant and glowing skin. This treatment involves no downtime, no aftermarks, and no pain. The treatment device is a microchannel microinjector that injects the solution just under the dermis. One of the main attractive components of AquaGold is that it allows for customizable treatments to target the patient’s specific needs. The solution often involves a combination of botox, filler, and vitamins. Botox injected in the superficial levels of the skin does not paralyze muscles, but rather sebaceous glands, which will target oil production. Filler injections contain hyaluronic acid, which attracts water and therefore helps with natural hydration. AquaGold treatments last for a couple of months and are generally recommended before a special event.

Getting Treatment

The average session for microneedling is about 30 minutes, although every case is unique. For those with harsher lines or deeper scars, the treatment may require more time or additional sessions for the optimal results. This form of New York plastic surgery is painless due to the use of topical numbing creams. For long-term microneedling benefits, it is best to have regular sessions over several months. Studies show that established microneedling treatments dramatically increase overall collagen production in the treatment area.

Side Effects

After your session, you will start to see results almost immediately. Initially, your skin will get slightly red and inflamed as it incites your body’s innate healing mechanisms. The minor abrasions to the skin slightly increase the risk for infection, so it is necessary to be gentle with your skin and speak with your treatment provider to create the best post-procedure plan for your goals. Your skin will look rejuvenated from the initial healing response of the body, with a brighter complexion. Within a week, however, most patients begin to see more advanced results, such as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, diminished scarring, tighter skin, and smaller pore size. Full results from one session are evident at 30 days.

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