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Laser Resurfacing

Many patients are on the hunt for New York plastic surgery that is quick, minimally-invasive, and fixes minor flaws on the skin’s surface or helps with preventative aging. This is an almost universal desire, as we start to notice imperfections like lines around our eyes, acne scars, and sun damage. These little annoyances are often easier to correct than you might think.

There are a few choices when wanting to enhance your look without a lot of recovery time. One of these options is laser resurfacing. Laser treatments are a great way to quickly and easily improve your complexion and skin tone while reducing signs of aging and minimizing downtime.

What is Laser Resurfacing?

While most patients can benefit from laser resurfacing treatments, the target is minor flaws and cosmetic annoyances. If you have deep wrinkles, sagging skin, severe dark spots or more severe acne scarring, you should consult Dr. Maman to make sure any selected therapy is right for you. There is an array of options for New York plastic surgery, and Dr. Maman is here to help you choose what is best for your situation.

Laser resurfacing treatment can also heal patients with medical concerns, such as rosacea. Those who suffer from this often have blotchiness and redness which laser resurfacing can treat.

Dr. Maman uses the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment technology. This treatment targets hyperpigmentation, texture and tone. People often turn to Clear + Brilliant to treat fine lines, pores, and superficial texture and tone insecurities. This laser is considered to be a mini-fraxel, as it uses the same technology as the Fraxel laser, but at a lower intensity. This means there is little to no downtime after treatment but after several sessions will yield comparable results.

How Does It Work?

This technique employs the use of lasers to send short pulses of light onto damaged skin. As a result, the laser removes part of the skin’s outer layer (the epidermis) and heats a deeper layer called the dermis. The energy creates microscopic treatment zones of controlled thermal damage. Laser therapy promotes the growth of collagen fibers and allows the new skin to develop without flaws. There are several different types of lasers, with the average treatment taking about 30 minutes.

Side Effects

Similar to chemical peels, laser resurfacing will leave your skin with minor redness and some swelling. More robust lasers can result in prolonged redness, as well as more significant peeling post-procedure. Dr. Maman can discuss your treatment and recovery goals to minimize downtime as much as necessary, ensuring overall positivity with your New York plastic surgery experience.

Dr. Maman will also inform you on how to care for your skin after laser resurfacing, such as cleaning the treated areas, applying proper skincare, icing, and preventing infection. Most patients recover in 24-48 hours.


Aside from correcting minor flaws in the skin, laser resurfacing can have other positive impacts on your skin. As your skin begins to rejuvenate, it will enhance collagen production while tightening the skin and decreasing pore size. You will find that the texture of your skin feels smoother, acne scars diminish, and brown spots dissipate. With regular treatment, you will soon enjoy a much more even complexion. 

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